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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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the storm damaged scene as part of the missed -- midwest were hit with no welcome, you're taking a look at a fresh layer of snow on the ground. this is often a higher areas. if you're heading that way or anywhere in the quarter, welcome to cbs2 i amkevin barry. >> i am -- i can't even say my name, it is wednesday. shows what's ahead a&- doppler radar features a wintry mix this morninga&- with some slick roads around the area again todaya&- now a >> the ironic thing is her last name is smith. >> [laughter]>> two people were making fun of me yesrday because i was excited to go home and take out my snowblower. >> we were making fun of you because you are getting us all excited and then it never came. >> but the good news is a lot of the city plows and did the same thing. with our temperatures falling
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it could have been a really big mess. now we throw more snow on top of it and this is kind of the situation agree with this s morning. -- we greet you with this morning. >> the fog is starting to dissipate bunow we have snow and wind piing up. and it could have that/turning into ice. we do have snow moving to the eastof cedar rapids. we do have some snow falling in eastern iowa for the next couple of hours. >> conditions from iowa city back to williamsburg, the caug about 20 -- 25% to 50% of snow cover. some of these spots picked up a quick intro to as this little bit of moisture picked up. 61 from dubuque down to the clinton and what area. -- and dewitt area. >> we still have winter weather
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alerts in effect, it will likely be extended to the east as justin and rebecca track the latest weather conditions, we're also tracking the latest conditions on n e roads this morningng mornrng. cbs 2 news road warrior aaron gerhardt is out on the roads right now, hi arron, what are you seeing.
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thanks aaron, now we're taking a look at some of the heavy snow-fall around the state. this is in mason city -- one of the hardest hit areas.the national weather service says they got about 8 inches of snow. now here's a look at des moines.they didn't get nearly as much snow -- but you can see the roads were still not in great shape.most roads in@ the surroudning area had many wet -- slushy areas -- making it tough for drivers. as parts of the midwest are digging out from snow, parts of the south-eastern united
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states will be surveying tornado damage this morning. this is video of a a nnel cloud caught on camera in serving tornado damage, look at that, this is video of a funnel cloud caught in of west alabama. tornadoes also t tched down in east mississippi, several homes were damaged the tornadoes down power lines and even left damage at a federal prison there were no deaths only minor injuries reported. results are in from several court or school bond discussion. >> we began cedar rapids, for the second time they asked ters to approve a nearly $50 million bond measure for infrastructure improvements. 67% approved they only needed 60% to pass. >> they are very happy with the additional $49.5 million, they say will go to try -- classroom safe and address security issues. residence in that district rape
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turnout far exexeded what they expected the top because of the weather there would be a low turnout. >> it really tells that the people are really interested in what's going on and are showing up to vote.>> it did open the polls from 7 am to noon. in springville a sip -- a similar bond bill passed. it received 65% support, it also only needed 60. in waterloo they rejected a school bond measure 55% opposed the $47 million plan. longtime member of the board of supervisors said she will not be another term she has served on the board for nearly 14 years and tell us that she considers to work -- continues to work to improve mental health. senator.
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ted cruz in hillary clinton claimed victory in iowa caucuses. >> what to those numbers mean? this book took political science professor to analyze those numbers. ted cruz proves the polls wrong putting donald trump in second. cornell college political professor says that doesn't mean kurt -- ted cruz had the best showing, marco rubio's strong third-place finish might be more important. marco rubio has been a position where he has been sharing and buying to be the -- in trying to be the consistent candidate. which on chart -- >> it will give the texas senator. eight delegates donald trump and marco rubio walkway with seven. they are on the statewide vote. in the democratic race hillary clinton won by the slimmest of margins. per support comes from older voters while young voters we toured sanders. he says many older women see
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change issues that prevent -- >> i think it's more about age demographics, yes, you see among older women it takes almost 2400 delegates to win the nomination for president. it is 6:07 am. >> if you're waking up in clinton iowa, it is 35 degrees it's not snowing yet but it will be. coming up the latest information about how good the caucus turnout was and how it cause problems. let's take a look at those road conditions, the trickiest travel will be cedar raps and north, 100% snow-covered roads look around lynn county, and
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we have slippery roads there. main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the next hoursa&- doppler radar features a wintry mix this morninga&- with some slick roads around the area again todaya& we begin with our doppler radar there's a bit of snow satellite/radar is featuring this occluded low that will push morning moisture our way- let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface mapa&- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see potential for light snow this morning- today's forecast bring us a wintry mix this morning with fog- tonight's forecast has us dealing with cloudy skies and cooler temps- tomorrow will feature mixed sunshine and cooler temperatures- the next three days bring us more sunshine and warming weather- our 7 day forecast has a nice & mild
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audience to clinton faced an audience to claim victory in iowa -someone making faces behind her back tried to steal the show. show.but who was the guy with stickers all over him? him?jeanne moos caught up with sticker boy. i'm sure hillary clinton wanted the audience to chew over her speech,(hillary clinton, (d) presidential candidate) "and we have to be united."but maybe not quite so literally.(jeanne moos, new york) "what are the different nicknames you've had?(peter clinkscales, "sticker boy") "i've gotten sticker boy, sticker man...idiot, that's a popular one."18-year old peter clinkscales masticated throughout hillary's speech. (hillary clinton, (d) presidential candidate) "an incredible honor to..."the drake university freshman bopped his neck.(hillary clinton, (d) presidential candidate) "we have the opportunity to do now." what looked like a sneeze into his arm was actually a dance move called the dab.(hillary clinton, (d) presidential candidate) "to have a real contest of ideas" the only idea peter had was to mess around after he and a friend managed to seat themselves right behind the candidate. (peter clinkscales, "sticker boy") "moticed a lot of
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started goofing around."and viewers couldn't look away. "can we all just agree that #stickerkid is the one to bring our nation together." (hillary clinton, (d) presidential candidate) "we have to be united."peter's not a hillary fan. though he once posed with bernie sanders, he's not passionate about any candidate and instead of bothering to caucus he came here to fool around.(jeanne moos, new york) "making fish faces behind hillary clinton on national tv...i bet he faced the wrath of his parents when he got home around 1 in the morning."(peter clinkscales, "sticker boy") "my dad was on the computer just laughing at everything that was happening. he was like "you're so stupid.""aa when the speech ended, peter danced. mashable tweeted "the mvp of hillary's speech is clearly dancing sticker guy" who joked about selling his leftover hillary stickers for college tuition. the dance gesture he made is the move of
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tempted it...behind her move of the moment. behind her back, hillary has
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it's now on this morning. morning.and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.after the break...the latest ways the n-f-l is handling its battle with concussions in the week leading up to superbowl 50 right here on cbs 2.
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just days ahead of super bowl 50, the n-f-l is still studying how to deal with an alarming increase in
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still learning how to deal with an increase in concussions. >> there were 67 more concussions this season than last is in. john blackstone explained the nfl's upper to address the issue pick >> after tyler/died at the age of 27, they were shocked to discover he had 100 of this degenerative brain disease. his mother blames the ball. >> they could have all that money back if i could have my son back. nothing else matters. you can't compensate anynydy enough for that.>> in the movie concussion, will smith plays the pathologist who first identified the brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy in football players. he battled the football establishment to have it recognized. >> nobody is denying it any longer.
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>> he has studied the brains of dozens of deceased nfl players. >> how many of the players on the field, on super bowl sunday will are ready be suffering from brain damage? >> i will believe that 90 to 100% of the professional players will suffer from it. >> i think that's a bit of hyperbole, quite honestly. i can't imagine that being the case. >> dr. berger is chair of the committee who monitors head injuries. after the past decade the league have made -- has made dudgeon of rule change. -- dozens of rule changes. an independent neurological consultant monitors from thth sidelines. >> concussions are up, and i think it's primarily because of the vigilance. because of the consultant, the spotters, there were twice as
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>> but he believes it takes less than a concussion to damage the brain. >> by the time you reach a professional level, you must have received thousands if not hundreds of blows to your heads. -- to your head. >> they established -- a foundation established in his name is working to diagnose cte . >> they are often developing new equipment including helmet to reduce head injuries. it is 6:23 am, an a dead teen in virginia -- and the college students accused of killing her.
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final weather- your planner shows what's ahead a&- doppler radar features a wintry mix this morninga&- with some slick roads around the area again todaya&- visibilities remain low as fog settles into the area this morninga&-temperatures aund the area are going to steadily fall todaya&- statewide it is 6:25 am, we have been watching a bit of light snow it dropped about an inch or so here in cedar rapids. this is in addition to what we saw yesterday. we will add that to our stone portal. look at those -- are storm total, he will get those to you. dubuque seeing snow nonetheless union area as well. what was winter storm warnings and advisories have been expired, crawford in grant county wisconsin are under winter weather advisories we can see west of our viewing area is the same. they will keep a breeze in the snow-covered roads. as of right now waterloo in dubuque 100% covered. down to clinton if you're
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is pretty slippery. -- through the wet its pretty slippery. the main artery that rolls is a mix of snow. we will check in the next half hour to show you what the roads look like. have a mixed precipitation. it will be 24 this afternoon as the temperatures fall. there is the moisture, we are keeping the clouds, and still moisture about late morning. we will have clouds for most of the day with clearininovernight tonight and mixed sunshine for the day tomorrow. it is 29th brown not nearly as wendy 30 with mixed sunshine friday middle to upper 30s for saturdrd and sunday. >lady gaga will be singing the national anthem for this super bowl. actress marley matlin will be singing next to her. we have been talking about how these bets go on, how long.
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marley matlin will be signing. i know that looks the same. i get it. i just wanted to make that this weekshe'll be performing a tribute to david bowie at the grammy awards.the grammy show producer said they picked her because she's another chart topping performer known for her fashion forward shifting personas.the homage will be about seven minutes long andndfeature several bowie songs. it's right now it's degrees in coming up next...the new information this morning aboutut the denver broncos player sent
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right now on s 2 this morning...the shocking discussion in one local city about johnson's county minimum wage increase. the latest information in the search for u-s marines missing near hawaii since right now on cbs2 this discussion about johnson county's minimum wage incrcrse. > he latest information and the search for uf marines missing in hawaii. the new developments in the flint water crisis that could help ease the financial burden. welcome, here is a look at tower ter., road. we have been taking a look at road conditions, snow has been coming down, and in other areas
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-- slick. i am kelly d'ambrosio and i am kevin barry, as you're heading out the door, take a look at that first forecast with justin ambra backup your it will be the last morning rebecca gets to hang out with me. i don't get to do it like the last couple of days. >> this is the last day she gets to hang out or the last day you get to kick your feet up? >> a little bit of both. we are getting her used to this morning world. it. it had enough moments of excitement to make it tricky. last night the fog settled in.>> we have the fog, then the snow, now the wind and now as the temperatures drop below freezing we could have icing on the roadways from the slush that occurred once those tememratures
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rose above freezing. we have had a lot of roller coaster temperatures, i like to say. but now they will be falling throughoho the mornininand this afternoon. even though we will start to see some peaks of sunshine, the temperatures are going to continue to fall. we still have snow out there it has just exited cedar rapids, it is moving off to fafaeastern iowa in the snow will continue to and, are still seeing some issues on the roads. >> dububue has 100% roadway covered by snow. a little snow on the roads here in iowa. we did have winter weather advisories in warnings, all have been expired, east of us in was the bust is where we still have those in effect. not to say this is the all clear, because the snow we have will continue to blow around. right now it's a much calmer picture ininedar rapids, look at the headlines.
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off of colin roads, -- collins road, temperatures below freezing, that could be slick. our final graphic, visibility is about 3 miles or less with those temperatures in the e per 20s to lower 30s. we will come back, and rebecca have a look at the rest of the day. and more importantly, the rest of the week. there are new developments in the minimum wage hike in johnson county. >> one town is six lord -- one town is exploring taking back the minimum wage. stephahae johnson joins us live in studio. >> the new ordinance was proposed in tiffin to set it back to $7.25 an hour only for those under 18. despite the fact that most disagreed, the city council approved the first ordinance with a 3 to 2 vote. most people who attended agreed that every worker should be paid the same
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amount. >> i think what it's about is suppressing wages, and it doesn't suppress wages just for children, which i am completely against it suppresses wages for everyone. >> life is not fair, and there is no way that we can make it there by saying everybody should get paid the same money for the same job.>> the second meeting will be in two weeks at the next council meeting, how do you feel about this battle? do you feel that itithould be based on a person's age? let us know on our facebook page, stephanie johnson cbs2 news. the democratic caucus was who won in six different caucus locations. locations.hillala clinton beat the law of averages and won every coin tosses in all six cases -- which helped her get the votes needed to earn a majority in iowa,the sanders camp was frustrated with the rules in iowa -- saying we may never the true vote among participants. new this morning, it seems the close loss ended up as a win for the bernie sanders
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washington post is reporting that after the iowa caucuses, they raised 3 million dollars in just 24-hours.a sanders campain employee said it was their best fundraising day by far. we saw record turnout during the caucus throughout the state for both political parties. parties.the chairs for both the republicans and democrats say they were prepared for a large turnout.still -- at some locations -- the high demand caused delays -- last minute registrations and some sites even ran out of forms.there was also confusion about how to also confusion about how to register to caucususnd late arrivals pushed back start time. "trying to accomodate those people who were showing up, who needed to be registered to vote, we say we've closed the doors, but that's for people who haven't arrived in time." time.""there were a lot of angry people who thought this was like an election, where you go in and sign up, sign in, and not understanding it't' a cacaus" caucus"some experts say the high turnout in iowa will set the tone for the rest of the
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a grim discovery off the coast of hawaii, hawaii,the u-s marine corps says ace elements of f n-a have been found from marines that were killed in a helicopter crash last month. was found during corps says trace elements of dna have been found for marines that were killed in a helicopter crash. they were found during a search and rescue operation that ended a few weeks ago. the families of the identified marines were notified. 12 service members were killed when two helicopters crashed her nighttime training in the cause is still under investigation. governor. , rick snyder, the proposed $30 million in state funding to help p p the water bill for some of flint resididts. it's drinking water is contaminated two years ago when the water supply s changed to save money. he says the residents should not have to pay for water they can't drink. the aid would company portion of those utility bills that has been used for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing hands.
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they are still responsible for flushing toilets and washing clothes. the release more details in 27-th.but they haven't relased a motive. motive.right now -- two virginia tech students are charged in her kidnapping and death.david eisenhauer was a gh school track standout on the virginia tech cross country team.and the other -- natalie keepers -- is an engineering student and former nasa itern.eisenhauer has been arged with murder -- keepers is now being charged as an accomplice.the girl's parents say she met eisenhauer online. a new report says a record number of people falsely convicted of crimes, were exoneratetelast year in the u-s. u-s.the report was just released by the national registry of exonerations.149 people were let out of prison for crimes they didn't committ, a record 58 were convicted d homicide.there wre 10 more exonerations in 20-15 than the previous year. it's a banner year for univerisity of iowa athletics. athlics.take look at the latest issue of sports illustrated -- it's on the left side of your features hawkeye star senior
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"holy buckets."on the right -- hawkeye football made an appearance on the cover during otball season.thth marks the first time both this marks the first time both the football and basketball teams were featured on the front page in the same season.the basketball team plays tonight against penn state at 6. new this morning, the denver broncos have sent a player home, just days before the super bowl. bowl.rookie safety ryan murphy was questioned during a prostitution sting in california.murphy, his brother and a suspected prostitute received murphy is only a practice squad player.that means he is not on prostitute received citations now he is only practice squad player and that means he is not on the active roster and will not have played in the actual game. 6:39 am, wednesday morning.>> and right now it is about 30 degrees. just a aad on cbs2, you're checking back in with the road warrior.
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we have had some trouble e troubles but things are starting to change. take a look at these road
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we have a look coming up. main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for welcome back is starting to see some clearing this morning in terms of the snow, but we do still have the slowing growth, thatatould cause him trouble trouble for yoyothis one. you want to take it a bit slower, if you're heading out. give yourself some extra time, we do have all snow-covered roads north of the 80 and east -- north of 80 and east. we could have some snow as well, the temperatures are starting to drop now. temperatures are going to continue to fall throughout the day. we also have a road warrior out and about showing you the roads before you head out and we have seen the condition starting to
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change and improve but, we are seseng some different -- some more ice coverage on the roadways and a some more changes over the next couple of hours as the roads are seeiei more ice. and, we are going to continue to see some trouble troubles the ne^t couple of days. visibility over the next couple of hours -- sorry hours. his ability has continued to improve -- visibility has continued to improve, across the area we have fog and we have issues with blowing snow and really snow continuing to move out of the area. but as the winds pick up will start to see some additional issues drought the day today. and, throughout this afternoon. winter weather advisories have been allowed to expire, but we are goink to see some of these effects. i seememo have some trouble with my clicker.
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but our temperatures rather -- they 5- the winter weather alerts we have cleared d eastern iowa, but we do still have some issues for the to be used and to the west. here the snow reports showing city. that was a daily record, about 7.5 over the past couple of days. up near charles city, and these e have been n e reports from the past two days, we have seen some melting and, still more snowfall. cedar rapids, 30 degrees, temperatures falling out the day. likely they will stay below freezing. a matter of a forecast, we will stay below the freezing mark tonight, it gets even colder. on satellite radar, a low pressure system is moving out. the temperatures will start to fall, the temperatures picked
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up from the north. we will have a wind chill down the teens, and the wind gusts picking up, that's what i'm talking about the blowing snow becoming an issue. the wind gusts are picking up to 30 miles per hour and that will cause blowing and drifting of the snow. to your mother headlines over the next couple of days the snow will be ending it will cool down the weather roller coaster brings us back up. predictor is showing a clear of our sky -- a clearing of our skies. otherwise, we will see changes this weekend that will lead to warmer temperatures once again. first, you have a bit of a cool down coming for thursday and friday. to round out the week we had lower temperatures in the teens. we do warm up is weekend, which is good news. temperatures are back above freezing saturday and sunday. but another system moves the -- in with snow and temperatures
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taking a look at eastern iowa's top stories. authorities want you to be awawa of thin ice. to missouri man died in southern iowa this weekend after they fell for ice o oa lake. that ice was so thin that rescuers could not stand or crawl. a specialized team had to be called in but it was too late. what you think about transportation.the metropolitan planning organization has released the first of five surveys that will help develope future transportation proposals.the first survey will be open through march first. first.we've put a link to it com. if you'd like some help clearing some of the snow - we've got you covered. we're giving away a snowblower through our facebook page. to enter - go to kgan-cbs 2 and click the snow blower giveveay tab. enter your email address and you could be the lucky winner! it's on this morning,
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and if you're in it's degrees.just ahead...we're updating the most important stories for your wednesday
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ welcome back, you're taking a look at temperatures, 30 in cedar rapids, 33 iowa city, it is 27 in waterloo. >> you're taking a look at the roads. this is wilson avenue this is wilson avenue, southwest, this is a live look outside. it is very wet and slick, and it is cold. be sure to leave yourself some extra time. it was worse earlier this morning. it didn't look very good this morn. but it is getting better.
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as we're looking at the cbs 2 news road warrior aaron gerhardt is out on the roads right now, hi arron, what are you seeing. seeing. results are in this morningng from several corordor school bond special elections. elections.we begin with the
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in for several quarter school bond -- elections. >> begin in cedar rapids, district leaders asked them to prove a $50 million bond measure for infrastructure improvements. see a percent approved the measure. they needed only 60%. >> the school district is very happy with the additional 49.5 lane dollars. this it will -- $49.5 million. they say it will address safety issues. residedes trade the elements to cast the vote. it far exceeded what officials expected. >> it tells you that the people are really interested in what's going on.>> the weather did push back the opening time for the polls, from 7 am until noon. >> in springville a similar bond measure passed, it in waterloo -- voters rejected a school bond measure.
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the 47-million n llar plan. long time member of the linn county board of supervisors says she will not seek another term.linda langston has served on the board for nearly 14- years.langston tells cbs 2 news she hopes to continue work to improve public health and mental health services. after months of tracking polls, polls,following candidates all over the state and tuning into debates, senator ted cruz and hillary clinton claimed victory in the iowa caucuses. caucuses.but what do the numbers mean? cbs 2 news spoke to a political science professor in the corridor to analyze the numbers.on the republican side -- ted cruz proved the polls wrong -- putting trump second in the caucuses.cornell college proffesor hans hassell proffesor hans hassell says that doesn't mean that cruz had the best showing among all the candidates -- hassell says marco rubio's strong third place finish is more important. "rubio has been in the position where he's been sharing, he's been vying to be the consensus candidatatwith
6:42 am
with john kasich, with jeb bush, with chris christie." christie."the victory for cruz will give the texas senator 8 deleletes.donald trump and d marco rubio each get seven. delegates are given out based on the statewide vote. in the democratic race hillary clinton won by the slimmest of margins.hassell says clinton's support comes from older voters, ile young votete slimmest of margins, hassle says that her support comes from older voters while young voters leads toward sanders. he says many older women see clinton as a leader who can change issues that prevent females from soaring to the top. >> really think it's more about an age demographic i mean yes, you see it takes almost 2400 delegates to win the president
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there isis new effort to repepe the affordable care act, it has failed in the house. it would have stripped federal funding from planned parenthood. they both fell short to override the presidential veto, they say they knew it would fail but they are hoping to use the issue to convince voters to elect a pup -- public president to repeal the healthcare law. it is 6:53 am. >> 653, when we come back, a
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need to know. here's a look at the three stories you need to know to start your wednesday. wednesday.the city council in tiffin passed the first reading of an welcome back, here is a look at the top three stores you need to know about. the city council in super bowl many in the audience disagreed with the move.the measure will need to pass two more readings, the next reading will happen in two weeks at the next city council meeting.
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heavy snow fell around the state of iowa..this is a look at mason city, it was one of the hardest hit areas, they received about 8 inches of des moines, they got almost three inches. and parts of the south-eastern united states will be surveying tornado damage this morning.this is video of a funnel cloud caught on camera in western alabama last night. tornadoes also touched down in east mississippi.several homes were damaged.but there were no deaths and only minor injuries reported. final weather- your planner doppler radar features a wintry mix this morninga&- with some slick roads around the area again todaya&- visibilities remain low as fog settles into the area this morninga&-temperatures around fall todaya&- statewide satellite/radar shows mainly clear conditions for the day aheada&- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we'll have clouds overnighta&- today's forecast bring us a wintry mix this morning with fog- our 7 day forecast has a nice & mild
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two minutes...on fox 28 captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, february 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." tornadoes rip across the south and blizzards bury the midwest. a mid-air explosion blows a hole in this jet. a passenger got sucked out of the plane! was it a bomb?
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>> donald trump says he may have
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